Sixteen Shots

I ordered some new developing chemicals this week, this time Arista brand E-6. Do you remember slide shows, in an actual projector? E-6 (like Kodachrome) is a “chrome”, or a color positive image, instead of a negative like most film. You can hold it up to light and see the actual, beautiful, colors of the shot.

It really is amazing, especially the big negatives from my Pentax 645. I like them so much that the shots below are all 16 shots from the roll – all “keepers” and only really one duplicate.

(Please forgive that I’m including yet another round from Longwood Gardens.)

Taken with my Pentax 645n and 120/4 Macro, 45/2.8, and 75/2.8 lenses. Shot on Fuji Provia 400X (RXP/120) film, which is the fastest color positive I can find at ISO 400.