Slide, Cornell, and Wittenberg Mountains

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The Catskills seemed like a good option for distance and vertical, and additionally there are two over-4,000′ peaks which are part of the New England “115” peaks. (The 46 Adirondack peaks are part of that list, too, along with 48 in the White Mountains, 14 peaks in Maine and 5 in Vermont.) I chose to start with Slide Mountain, the highest point in the Catskills and an easy climb.

1998’s Best Albums

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Some years were easy to find 10 albums which I love, some were difficult to find 10 which I like. 1998 falls into the former, headlined by an iconic album which has attained “cult masterpiece” status.

1991’s Best Albums

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Even though this list will walk back to 1989, it wasn’t until about 1991 that I really started to enjoy music. It was a turning point not only for me but also for millions, since this was the year that Nirvana’s Nevermind blew up the radio-friendly pop rock and started in record labels a race for independent (“indie”) bands. For most of the world, this shift would only last a few years, settling back into Hanson, Nickleback and similar dreck, but some of us would be changed forever.

2004’s Best Albums

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This is the first entry highlighting my top 10 albums from every year, from 1989 to 2014. That’s 250 albums across 25 years’ worth of music, for those who (like me) can’t fathom that 1989 was that long ago.

Armstrong & Upper WolfJaw (Winter)

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After a successful hike to Big Slide and with continuing cool temperatures and sunshine, I had hoped to take Kathy on a more wintry hike. We packed the snowshoes, hoped for a white fluffy trail and headed up two of the lower Great Range, Armstrong and Upper WolfJaw Mountains.

Dix, Hough, South Dix, Macomb, and Grace (Winter)

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Joe was great to hike with, just as I’d assumed, the route was as interesting as I’d imagined, and I did better than both he and I expected. For five consecutive days of hiking, accumulating 87 miles and 27,000 vertical feet, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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