Lower & Upper Wolfjaw

Conditions in the Adirondacks in spring are usually variable and can present a different set of challenges to winter or summer hiking. This day was warm (for April) and changed from sunny to snow to ‘wintry mix’ to light rain to sunny again — fairly typical.

Conditions below 3,500 feet elevation reminded me more of late-May than mid-April, with virtually no snow or ice. There is plenty of water running, so I took some time on the way in and again on the way out to admire the Wedge Brook Cascades. I don’t remember stopping at these before, despite this being my fifth time taking this trail.

Above 3,500 feet there was still solid snow and sometimes ice covering everything, but it was solid, more like a typical late April hike to me. There was no post-holing through a crumbling snow spine as I feared from the warm day and conditions down low.

I could see the approaching clouds from the summit of Lower Wolfjaw, and by the time I got to Upper Wolfjaw I was inside a nice little snow squall. There was still plenty of deep drifted snow on Upper Wolfjaw and the tricky spots were still heavily iced over. I considered adding Armstrong but the ice getting to Upper Wolfjaw dissuaded me.

On the walk out I got a view of Giant fully encircled by a rainbow, it looked like it was projected onto the hillside like how they light up skyscrapers. Hope you enjoy the pics and are able to get out yourselves.