In Reverse

I got some great new chemicals yesterday, that allow me to develop normal black & white film as positives instead of negatives. It was a good bit of work since the chemicals came in powder form, but it was worth it. It is a really neat look.

One bit of frustration was not knowing how to expose the film, which was Kodak T-Max 400. I shot them at essentially EI (exposure index, or ISO for you digital people) 100, 200, 400, and 800. To me the ones at EI 200 look closest to correct – I’ll probably shoot the next bunch at 160 and see what I get. My bracketed sequence:

These aren’t scans – they are just a straight-up shot with my digital camera:

Test photos, taken with my Pentax 645n and 120mm macro and 75mm lenses. Film is Kodak T-Max 400.