On Day 3 of vacation, we hiked up to Algonquin Peak. Algonquin is the second-highest peak in all of New York, at 5,114 feet, and the hike was terrific. Kathy may say otherwise, but the hike wasn’t that hard.

It was warm – around 80 degrees – at the base of the trail, but of course as we got higher it got much cooler. We passed through an Alpine zone, and even into an Alpine-Arctic zone near the top. It was cold enough for Ben to put on long sleeves, but not cold enough for me to. (It was probably in the 50s, but windy.)

This was the first high peak this year. After this climb, we had completed 3 of the 46 high peaks: Algonquin (#2), Giant (#12), and Cascade (#36).

Taken with my Pentax 67II and 55/4 lens. I left the 135/4 lens behind because of the weight. Film is Fuji Provia 400X.

Edit: See: Our Path to 46.