Car Shopping with the GT-R

We weren’t shopping for a GT-R, but rather just with a couple nearby. Stock GT-Rs come with 545 horsepower and a subtle look which belies its supercar prowess.

What does your $100,000 buy you? How about this, from the GT-R’s press kit:

Every GT-R® engine is hand-assembled by a single technician – one of only eight allowed the honor – in a dust-free, temperature-controlled clean room. Once complete, the engine is tested. It goes through 44 minutes of bench testing and break in, where the engine is redlined for 10 solid minutes. When the entire GT-R® is built, it is put through its paces on the Tochigi Test track.

“Only one of eight allowed!” Ha! Love it.

Shots taken with my Sony NEX-6 and Nikon 24-70/2.8 with the Metabones Speed Booster adapter.