Iroquois, Algonquin & Wright Peaks (Winter)

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The Adirondacks are transformed into a Winter Wonderland when it snows. Unfortunately those snows often come with extremely cold and sometimes stormy weather. So the chances of getting sunny and (relatively) warm weather are rare enough that I jumped on hiking these three peaks.

The conditions were perfect for hiking, with hard-packed snow almost the entire length of the hike. I tried out my new Tubbs Flex Alp snowshoes and they worked wonderfully between the Wright junction and Iroquois (and back). There was enough snow along the entire route to smooth out the innumerable boulders, rocks, and roots which are a hallmark of this route.

Panoramic view from Algonquin to Iroquois from Boundary Peak
Panoramic view from Algonquin to Iroquois from Boundary Peak

My early start, over an hour before sunrise, rewarded me with views of pink and orange spreading across snow-tipped mountains. Since I was still somewhat obscured for the early morning vistas, you’ll have to settle for the shots from the rest of the day, below.

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