Street & Nye (Winter)

These two are quick and fairly easy, normally. The only tricky part is crossing Indian Brook, which in high water makes these ‘easy’ peaks impassible. I met a new friend at breakfast and convinced him to hike Street & Nye, mainly due to the cool weather being the last good chance for a bit before the El Niño warms things up.

Tom & I had both done long hikes the day before, so we kept a decent but not outlandish pace along this 8-mile out-and-back hike. There is a decent ‘up’ as well as some late gain at the end of the hike, for about 3,000 total vertical feet.

We started late, and these two aren’t known for their views. They were good, but a bit obscured, so these pics are more documenting what was there than anything artistic. It was a beautiful, sunny day.