Hurricane from Crow Clearing

After watching a foot of snow melt on Saturday, it chilled back down enough to make this a pleasant snowshoe. Kathy and I met up with Joe & Linda at noon; the morning had been stunning, with mostly sun, but some clouds were moving in before our start.

The trail from Crow Clearing (also the start for our hike of Big Crow & Little Crow in 2014) is a scenic, undulating trail most of the way, with some climbing at the end. While it offers some brief glimpses, it saves the views for the summit. And oh my, what views we were treated to!

We hadn’t hiked Hurricane since 2011, and we have a large print of Kathy sitting under the fire tower. I had forgotten just how breathtaking its views are; after all the climbing I’ve done, it was nice to scan the peaks from the opposite direction. And with a nicely broken-out trail to follow, the four of us made short work of the 6-mile round trip.