Giant & Rocky Peak Ridge (March)

As much as I dislike some aspects of the Ridge Trail, I have to admit that the ratio of wonderful views to effort is high. That extends to Rocky Peak Ridge too, although today’s schizophrenic weather (an extension of yesterday’s even more schizophrenic weather) had the clouds roll over the Dixes & the Great Range while on the summit.

Unlike the great snowshoeing in January, today was all ice and rock-solid snow. I borrowed some not-quite-crampons K-10s for traction, and they were mostly fine.

Panorama from the Ridge Trail

The views on the way up and the way back were terrific. It was still mild (28°F at the trailhead) so this weekend’s big freeze will change things again.

Some of the worst spots on the way looked like the photo below. There will probably be more like this after the weekend. Come on, snow!

Ice on the Ridge Trail