Macomb, S. Dix, Grace, Hough and Dix

The sun filtering through the morning mist heading up Slide Brook. Stunning miles-long views of mountains peeking above low-lying morning clouds. Watching the clouds disappear in a matter of minutes from the top of Macomb’s slide. Having the entirety of Macomb and South Dix all to ourselves. Pushing right past Hough, our fourth peak of the day, onto the fifth: Dix, the highest and farthest peak of the day. Meeting a very nice gent (Ray from Albany) on Grace. Watching a bee on wildflowers at 4,800 feet. Trails in pristine shape. Kathy finishing the 15+ mile loop in just 11+ hours.

Sounds like a perfect day.

Macomb Slide: Elk Lake, the Sewards, Allen, Skylight, Marcy, Haystack, (Blake, front), Basin, (Colvin, front) Saddleback, Nippletop

It was a bit humid, sunny and warm. The black flies were out and biting whenever we stopped for more than 30 seconds. (These kind must love sweaty DEET.) The hike out from the base of the Beckhorn trail was a long, long four miles.

Still perfect.

This was Kathy’s first time hiking all five Dixes, and frankly this is the hard way. It leaves a long, steep ascent for last, still¬†6.6 sometimes-gnarly miles from the trailhead. ¬†Under 12 hours is more than respectable for the 5,200 vertical feet of climbing.

Infrared from Dix: Allen, Colvin Range, Great Range, etc.

This was a big win for Kathy. We could have stopped at Hough, for a very respectable four summits on the day. I watched closely until then for signs of fatigue or distress, and frankly saw none. We slowed down for the climbs of Hough and Dix, and other than being sweaty and (me, anyway) smelly, we had no problem with the hike. It was a great training hike for our extended visit at the end of this month, so stay tuned for more like this.