Phelps & TableTop: All Water

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I’ve never seen Marcy Brook like this, she was a raging torrent.

Everything else was sopping wet, most of it moving quickly. Even the uber-maintained Van Hoevenberg couldn’t keep up with all the water, and it was running right over the water bars.

Phelps was effectively a series of waterfalls, TableTop was a solid stream until the top which was the worst extended series of mud pits I’ve seen. It. Was. Wet. (But pretty!)

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  1. What route did you take for this hike, exactly?

    Did you take the Blue blazed Van Hoevenberg Trail from the ADK Loj direct to the turn off onto the Red trail up to Phelps, head up and down Phelps, then get back on the Blue blazed Van Ho, head up to the turn off for the Table Top herd path, head up Table Top then head back to the Loj the same way you had come in?

    Or did you take some other route in or back?

  2. Is the bridge in your second photo the high water bridge across Phelps Brook along the Blue blazed Van Hoevenberg trail just a bit past Marcy Dam (past the dam on the way in, that is)?

    • Sean

      Both the second pic and second to last are that same bridge. The low water crossing (not advisable!) is the third from last pic.

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