Big Slide

With precious few days to hike this year, I wanted something a bit more relaxed than the last couple I did for Neil’s Project 100. (He did it, by the way.) I wanted something long enough to work my legs a bit, but with a high work-to-reward ratio.

Big Slide fit the bill.

There was a covering of snow over ice down low, starting to melt in places but full enough coverage that I wore my Hillsounds straight from the register. I switched into snowshoes right around the Second Brother and kept them on until the same spot on the return. The snow was hard-packed, and most people I met on the day only had spikes, no snowshoes. There was a decent amount of traffic (especially for April) with about a dozen groups I saw on the day.

I lingered for a bit on the summit; Marcy, Haystack and Algonquin were in and out of the clouds. At least half of my visits to Big Slide have been this way, on a perfect-weather day everywhere except the highest summits.

This hike will always be a favorite of mine, especially on perfect-weather days like this one. It was a great way to spend an afternoon!