San Francisco at 15mm

I stayed a bit late on a work trip to spend some time in the Bay area. I mostly spent my time (a) hiking in Mount Tamalpais, and (b) shooting with my 21mm Pentax lens for an upcoming review; however, I found time in between for a little ultra-wide 15mm shooting. The shots below are taken with either the HD Pentax-DA 15mm f/4 Limited (on a Pentax K-5 IIs) or the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 (shot on a Fuji X-E2).

Unscientific impressions:

  • The Pentax is a touch sharper. (Both lenses are acceptably sharp)
  • The Voigtlander is a tiny bit smaller, more so when attaching a camera.
  • The color, white balance, and metering was better on the Fuji/Voigtlander combo.
  • The Pentax showed better detail – at full resolution the Fuji’s noise reduction is visible.

I exploited the time zone by getting out early every day, enjoying some tranquility in a place normally the opposite.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Pre-Sunrise
San Francisco Bay Bridge Pre-Sunrise

Enjoy! Look for all my 21mm shots in an upcoming review of the lens for Pentax Forums.