Articles with Fuji X-E2

Rainy Saturday Flora

A couple friends and a flowering peony inspired me to grab some photos from the backyard. Overcast days are the best for photography in general, and the ones after a light rain are perfect for…

Whiteface & Esther (September)

We swung over Whiteface’s summit and headed down for lunch at the cafe with the Mumaughs. I can’t believe we didn’t do this our first time here, it was absolutely brilliant to sit and have a hot lunch and cold soda in the middle of the hike. This will be the plan for this pair from now on!

Redfield & Cliff from Upper Works

Staring down the sheer south side of Redfield, thick with what is nearly impassibly thick trees and debris, and over to Allen Mountain jutting steeply from the surrounding flats, a vulture launched beside me a circled the thermals over my head. I understood the symbolism, took some pictures and headed back.