Street Mountain & Nye Mountain

It’s been a long three years for me, hiking-wise. Kathy, Ben and I originally hiked these two as our first “unmaintained” summits, the anticipation of which certainly overshadowed the views from the top. Three years later, the trees have grown and closed in the views even more, and I now know that “unmaintained” in this context only means no trail discs on the route.

But hiking is a strange pursuit, and I actually think I liked the hike more the second time around.

It helps that the weather was perfect, and that it’s been a dry summer so mud and water were eminently avoidable. But it’s also a lovely and wild forest, you just have to look 10 feet off the trail to see it.

Maybe I did more looking this time around, but Street and Nye made for a pleasant 8.4 miles. There was one decent viewpoint of the MacIntyres just shy of the summits, but this hike was more about what you saw along the way.