2016 By The Numbers

I suspected that I had momentum at the end of 2015, as I was just starting to hike year round. Those suspicions were founded, and I did an admirable job of slicing out time to keep in shape all year. Since I live 6 hours from the nearest Adirondack trailhead, it was no small feat. Over time, I became as acclimated to the drive as I did to the hiking, and both got easier.

In short, I obliterated my 2015, which was at that time my most prodigious year. In 2016, I roughly doubled all the hiking I had done since I started in 2009!

2016 Adirondack Numbers

189,027 Vertical feet climbed
9,000 Highest vertical gain in one hike (feet)
4,501 Average vertical feet per Adirondack hike
633 Number of miles hiked in the Adirondacks
105 Number of High Peaks summited (covering all 46, but not MacNaughton)
42 Number of days hiked
27 Longest hike (miles)
15.1 Average mileage per hike
4 Number of summits of Algonquin, Iroquois, Wright, Armstrong, South Dix, Grace, Macomb, and Cascade
2 Number of rounds of 46 completed; Round 2 on Gray Peak/March 8, Round 3 on Saddleback/September 24

Lifetime Numbers

190 Number of monthly grid summits (out of 552)
69.6 Percentage complete of 46 summits in each season (13 Spring/46 Summer/27 Autumn/42 Winter)
46 Number of solo 46 summits (33 solo in winter)
45 Out of 46, completed for both August (still need Nippletop) and September (still need Allen)
42 Number of winter 46 summits
13 Number of High Peaks remaining to complete my 4th Round of 46
0 Number of summits in April (need to work on that!)

The numbers definitely show that I was focused, but it wasn’t all rigid hiking to a list. I looped an unusual Haystack–Panther Gorge–Gray Peak hike from the Loj. I climbed from the Johns Brook valley to the Ausable valley to Bartlett Ridge and back from the JBL. I also did my first two Catstkill hikes, completing 5 of the ‘3500’ peaks.

As usual, I didn’t quite take enough time for photos, but the ones below are some of my favorites.