Seymour Mountain

Having pushed ourselves to finish three difficult hikes in four days, we were left with two mountains until we were 46ers. Our penultimate peak would be 4,120-foot Seymour Mountain, the last in the Seward Range.

Sharing the first 1.2 miles with our hike two days prior, the 3 miles to the Blueberry lean-to passed quickly and shortly after we were at the Ward Brook cutoff for Seymour.

The Ward Brook herd path started gently, but turned steep for the straightforward ascent. There were rocky pitches, but nothing overly difficult for the High Peaks, and after our relaxing day with family our fresh legs pushed us to the top by 9:20 AM. There were similar hazy views from the top as from the other Sewards two days prior, with good viewpoints before and just after the summit proper.

The path down and out was uneventful, even if it did feel considerably longer than the route in. Upon signing out in 6 hours 59 minutes (including stop at the top), we now had 45 high peaks behind us and just Mount Colden to go for our 46. As a bonus, we were out early enough to have skipped our packed lunches and we enjoyed pizza in Saranac Lake on the way back to Keene!

2014: 10 high peaks As of 8/3/14: 45 (out of 46) high peaks completed.

2014 high peaks – 10: Colvin & Blake, Allen Mountain, Haystack, Basin & Saddleback, Donaldson, Emmons & Seward, Seymour

2013 high peaks – 14 (8 new): Macomb, S. Dix, E. Dix & HoughTabletopCliff & RedfieldMarshallWhiteface & Esther; Dix; Santanoni, Panther, & Couchsachraga

2012 high peaks – 24 (23 new): Big Slide; Lower Wolfjaw, Upper Wolfjaw & Armstrong; Marcy; Gothics & Sawteeth; Street & Nye; Phelps; Rocky Peak Ridge & Giant; Skylight & Gray; Wright, Algonquin & Iroquois; Dial & Nippletop; Dix, Hough, S. Dix, E. Dix & Macomb

2011 high peaks – 3 (2 new): AlgonquinCascade & Porter

2009 high peaks – 2: Cascade; Giant

Edit: See: Our Path to 46.